Passion for Building


Passion for building

At Recom Building we work closely with the designer and client throughout the whole build from concept to construction.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, professionalism, project coordination and communication. We have a strong passion for finding your point of difference to create lifestyle living whilst not compromising on functionality.


Recom building

The name Recom Building is an incorporation of residential and commercial building. We are not limited to just residential builds or just commercial builds - we have the experience and knowledge in both areas to deliver a project that will exceed expectations.

Recom Building is fully insured and licenced. We will ensure your project runs smoothly and is built to correct specifications and standards.

We use the program Buildertrend to coordinate trades and keep clients up to date with the building process every step of the way.


The Builder

Jason Trinder has been in the building and construction industry for over 18 years. Since the start of his career, he was lucky enough to be involved with high-end award-winning builders who motivated him to build his own business with a vision to create quality custom homes that reflect the clients personality and needs.

Jason prides himself on his workmanship to produce quality finishes as well as his organisation skills. His passion for building stemmed from a young age, when he used to build cubby houses, like all boys at that age who wanted to be king of the castle. But unlike the other boys he was always trying to create something bigger and better. 

His natural talent for building really shines through his work today where he continues to improve on his skills and knowledge to better himself on each and every job.

To Jason, "too hard" and "why not do it an easier way" don't exist in his vocabulary, or of those he works with. He is driven by the challenge to always strive for better and guide trades to overcome any building obstacles.

Jason is professional, a great communicator and reliable which you will discover for yourself after you meet him.


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