We are excited to share with you our brand new design, the Aberto!

The Aberto is a custom design inspired by the Brazillian style. The name ‘Aberto” is Portugese for open. This encapsulates everything we want to achieve with this design, evoking the seamless flow from outdoors to indoors. The main materials used are timber, concrete and glass, each specifically chosen to further complement the home. The natural tone of the timber blends the outdoors and indoors, the clean crisp lines of the concrete make the area spacious and sleek, and the transparent glass gives the home a natural flow whether the doors are open or closed.

The Aberto is designed to be interchangeable, able to suit different block sizes starting from 656m2. It can be placed either horizontal or vertical on the block and modified to suit your needs, available in a three or four bedroom design. The adaptability ensures that the home will fit in with it’s surrounds, moulding to both the landscape and the lifestyle of the home owners. Regardless of whether you choose the three or four bedroom design, the Aberto includes a study, media room, sleek kitchen with walk in pantry, spacious living room opening into an outdoor area, a double garage, and a pool that effortlessly sinks into the design.

The design has been well thought out and strikes the perfect balance between lifestyle, luxury and functionality. What makes the Aberto so unique are the sliding doors that transform the home from a glass walled sanctuary to a completely open breezeway through the entire middle section of the home. The doors slide seamlessly into concealed wall cavities making the open area appear as if it’s a permanent fixture, perfect for the tropical conditions of Queensland.

Everything about the Aberto evokes passionate and clever design with every detail specifically chosen to enhance the space. It works to create the perfect harmony between natural and manufactured beauty, standing out from its surrounds while at the same time matching them perfectly.

Please contact us to find out more about this beautiful design.